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  • Sharing educational resources with the College of Information and Electrical Engineering (CIEE), the Ph.D. Program provides diverse facilities in an integrated environment so that students who are engaged in research have access to up-to-date equipment and facilities. The wide range of research areas in the Ph.D. Program also helps students develop a broad view of CE/EE issues.
  • Based on our excellent achievements in various areas, students in the Ph.D. Program can obtain the advanced knowledge that is sought after in the high-tech industry. We hope that this program will improve the cooperation between the CIEE, the government, and industry. The CIEE provides educational and training resources especially for those who want to pursue studies in advanced technologies to promote the development of hi-tech industries in central Taiwan. To this end, both Ph.D. and master’s programs are offered. We hope that by helping engineers improve their alifications that related enterprises will develop and apply new technologies, which in turn will increase the demand for highly qualified engineers.

Course duration

3-7 years full-time

Total Credits

24 Credits (for entrance September 2015)
Required Courses: 4 Credits (Excluding Doctoral Thesis)
Elective Courses: 20 Credits

Start month

Spring Semester: February

Fall Semester: August


FCU College of Information and Electrical Engineering

Course contact

Email: siterng@fcu.edu.tw

Telephone: +886-4- 24517250 ext.3892


  • University Faculty
  • R&D Center
  • High-Tech Company
  • Government Engineering Department


  • IEET Accreditation